Enormous by Windstar standards, the Wind Surf is still small by most cruise ship measures: six decks holding only 155 cabins. The Wind Surf is a sailing yacht, and its seven computer-operated, triangular sails are both decorative and efficient, adding wind power to the engines that keep the ship on schedule. Like all Windstar ships, it sails two of the most popular seas on earth: the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. It winters among several of the larger Lesser Antilles: Antigua, Martinique, St. Lucia, Dominica, and St. Barts. In spring, it repositions to Europe on a transatlantic cruise from St.Maarten to Lisbon, and begins itineraries in southern Europe ranging from Barcelona to Rome, and Venice. It then moves on to Northern Europe for stops in Oslo, Stockholm and St. Petersburg. The Wind Surf has multiple eateries and a special emphasis on fitness, with a spa and a fitness center, two pools and two hot tubs, and a water sports platform at the stern from which you can kayak, windsurf, or water-ski.