Windstar's three ships (to be joined by the Star Pride in May 2014) are not floating hotels or malls. They are genuine sailing ships, delivering modern luxuries as well as true nautical experiences, complete with portholes. The Wind Star, like its sister Wind Spirit, is a four-masted schooner, and its compact cabins are built for both comfort and efficient use of finite space. All three Windstar schooners sail in two of the most appealing cruise regions on earth: the Caribbean in winter, and Europe and the Mediterranean in summer. Wind Star favors the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, thence through the Panama Canal to the Caribbean. In April, it repositions east to Europe (returning west in November), where its seven-day itineraries include stops from Lisbon and Barcelona to Rome and Venice, and on to Aegean ports including Athens, Istanbul, and Mykonos in the Cyclades. The six triangular, computer-operated sails are more than decorative, but wind power only supplements the engine power required to meet schedules. All 74 cabins are cozy, yet big enough for queen-size beds and hi-tech toys, as well as daily fresh fruit and flowers. Being a small ship, it has two restaurants—one formal, one casual, both with open seating—but you can also dine under the stars at the Candles grill.