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Image DescriptionIt’s important to be able to get away from the everyday stresses in order to replenish your mind, body, and spirit. Vacations will allow you to improve your everyday role as a parent, partner, child, and a friend.

Escape with loved ones to spend time together relaxing, rediscovering, and reconnecting. A vacation will improve your health and allow you to create memories that can be shared for a lifetime. As if you need another reason to take a vacation, you will be able to come together and enjoy, play and laugh — all of the important things in life!


Incredible Value..

Oursole mission when creating Luxe Royale was to be completely fresh and unique from the rest of the travel industry while being able to offer our members brand new experience featuring quality and service.

Our goal is to offer a strong product that provides superior opportunities to stand the tests of time. When you’re looking for stability in a vacation membership, we have an offer for you!

Our Exclusive Membership  is one of the best kept secrets in the travel industry. Our membership club specializes in full service luxury travel. With a Luxe Royale membership, you will have unrestricted and unlimited access to thousands of luxury resort destinations around the world with no black-out dates. You control when and where you travel. Best of all, our prices can be up to 80% off of retail prices.

With Luxe Royale, go ski in the peak season in Colorado, golf in the cool winter months in Florida or take a cruise any time of the year. Luxe Royale offers you “never before available to the public” access to all aspects of travel services from airfare to cruise excursions. You can save money on every travel-related expense.

You’ll finally get to experience full service travel agent services to assist you with all of your specific travel requests including exact dates, size requirements and more for your whole group, no matter how many there are of you. This gives you complete control over every one of your travel needs.

The Savings Are Just The Start!

Luxe Royale is your ticket to REAL Luxury Travel at prices you can afford. Luxe Royale was started by travel industry veterans who grew sick and tired of the ridiculous prices the travel industry placed on every aspect of travel. Luxe Royale has gone to the source and because of our partner vendors generating a high volume of travel, Luxe Royale’ members can enjoy savings of up to 80% on travel-related expenses.

Luxe Royale offers access to hotels, resorts, cruise lines, and to every other vacation related service at the highest level of quality (3- 4 – 5 Star Resorts) and discounts you won’t be able to get anywhere else! With condos around the world starting at only $150 per week, you can see the savings. Access luxurious resorts for as low as $150 per week (this is not per night — it’s $150 for the entire week — that’s less than $22 per night!)


When we got engaged we knew that we wanted a destination wedding, so we immediately logged into the Luxe Royale website and found some amazing deals on accommodations in Hawaii. We ended up saving thousands of dollars, and we were able to put that money towards our wedding. I just wanted to say thank you and we’re already booking our next vacation!
Mark & Alica, Denver, CO
We use our Luxe Royale membership for all of our international travels. We used to book our vacations through companies that offer “discount travels”, but now we save even more through our members’ only website. I love what Luxe Royale has done for us as international travelers, so thank you and we will be booking our next trip very soon.
Jeff & LaRae, Columbus, OH
Our first family vacation with Luxe Royale was an incredible experience. We were shocked to hear that the other guests at our resort had paid triple what we paid. What a wonderful thing to know that we have such a powerful vacation club on our side. I’m very happy with our membership and I look forward to using it for many more family vacations in the future.
Richard & Denise, New York, NY


Luxe Royale delivers an elite combination of quality experiences and high values available throughout the vacation industry and our Luxe Royale Condo program offers over 1 million weeks of availability per year across more than 100 countries.

Your Membership features access to 4 and 5 Star resort condos, cottages, villas, and suites for TOP destinations in the entire world!


You can enjoy luxurious 1, 2, or 3 bedroom accommodations in the United States, Mexico, The Caribbean, Bahamas, South America, South Pacific, Asia, South Pacific, South America, Europe, Australia, Africa, and much, much more for less than the cost of a single hotel room.

Plus, there are no expensive ownership costs and no obligations.


Enjoy your membership throughout the year and take advantage of highly desirable weeks to travel including Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving and more.

You can book online using the members only Luxe Royale’ Travel Gateway or via our live travel concierge service. Select from peak holiday weeks that may be very difficult (and maybe impossible) to get anywhere else. Vacation in beautiful destinations all over the world!

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