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The Luxe Royale Mission

We at Luxe Royale pride ourselves in providing timeshare owners with clear solutions to their complex timeshare ownership obligations. When creating Luxe Royale, our mission was simple, we needed to be a highly trusted and Reliable consultation and travel resource center for Timeshare owners who are seeking relief and a legal way out from underneath their timeshare ownership obligations.

Our title company and Legal Affiliates will work directly with our clients, and their resort of ownership to completely and legally unbind and transfer them out of their Timeshare ownership liabilities once and for all! And most important of all, Luxe Royale will never charge its clients a single penny upfront for services that have yet been rendered. We will never surprise our clients with any hidden costs or transfer fees.

And if our clients wish to continue traveling, Luxe Royale's exclusive membership program is offered to them at an annual basis without any obligations. Members receive exclusive access to hotels, timeshare resorts, flights, cruises, activities and excursions worldwide, at their leisure and in real time, at members-only prices that are not offered to the General Public!

The Luxe Royale Promise

At Luxe Royale, we promise to provide our clients with complete transparency when it comes to handling their timeshare transfer. We will always be there to answer any questions, offer our input, and provide any advice necessary to assist in making their timeshare transfer as seamless as possible.

We at Luxe Royale also promise to provide our clients with exclusive access to the most desired destinations across the globe, at the lowest comparable public price, allowing members to choose their own destination at their convenience.

The Luxe Royale Philosophy

Luxe Royale is able to instantly identify and negotiate rates that cannot be otherwise achieved without our direct relationships. Our Philosophy is as simple as passing the savings associated with those relationships directly to our Members so that they can create amazing memories that can be shared for a lifetime.

It's important to be able to get away from the everyday stresses in order to replenish your mind, body, and spirit. Vacations will allow you to improve your everyday role as a parent, partner, child, and a friend. Escape with loved ones to spend time together relaxing, rediscovering, and reconnecting... all of the important things in life!

We Deliver Savings

Due to our exclusive network of premium resorts and wholesale travel service consolidators worldwide, Luxe Royale is able to offer the most savings available to its members. Our well-established global connection joins all of these vacation resources into a single dynamic and perpetually updated booking system.

Luxe Royale members enjoy luxurious 1, 2, 3, and even some 4 bedroom resort accommodations access across the globe, at exclusive rates that are far less than the cost of a single hotel room. Not to mention, there are no expensive ownership costs, maintenance obligations, or membership restrictions.

Why We're The Best

Luxe Royale is your ticket to 5-star luxury travel at prices you can afford. Luxe Royale was started by travel industry veterans who grew sick and tired of the ridiculous prices the travel industry placed on every aspect of "High-End" travel.

That's why we went directly to the source. Luxe Royale has formed strategic alliances with a large variety of travel partners to bring its members the most cutting-edge travel technology, allowing us to become an industry leader in providing discount travel!

Timeshare Owners


Tired Of Ownership Liabilities?

How It Works

We take care of every aspect relating to your timeshare transfer so you don't have to. After the request is placed, and if your timeshare is qualified for elimination, we will ask that you review and complete a few simple forms allowing us to work with you, the resort and county agencies to facilitate the transfer of title out from your name. If your resort has any discrepancies pertaining to the transfer we will directly inform you, and help you resolve that discrepancy so that you only have to work with one person throughout the entire process - your assigned title transfer specialist.


Property Qualifications

Luxe Royale is a company that helps timeshare owners get out from underneath their timeshare ownership obligations while also providing a hassle-free alternative to their travel arrangements. We offer a legal, affordable, convenient, and a guaranteed end to your timeshare contract, without ever charging for our services until our work is complete. If your timeshare is paid off in full, Maintenance Fees are current for the year, and you don't have any outstanding special assessments, then yes, you most likely qualify for our services.

Luxe Royale does not make any false promises of resale, or mislead you into listing your property for rental. We give it to you straight, especially since as a timeshare owner you may already know timeshare resale values are non-existent, so why try to sugar coat it? If your timeshare has turned into a liability or if you just want out, we'll get you out, simple as that. If your timeshare meets the legal transfer criteria (i.e. qualifies), we'll send you all the necessary literature for your review and approval, and from there we go to work.

Click below to see if your timeshare qualifies for relief today.


Never Pay Up Front Fees

Here at Luxe Royale, we only accept payment from our clients AFTER our services have been satisfied, and their Timeshare ownership obligations have been transferred from out of their name. You may find the exact opposite from the majority of the other companies in this industry. We strongly advise that you caution yourself if and when you are approached by such companies.

Never allow any company to charge you a single penny without first providing to you a written and endorsed agreement indicating that your timeshare is indeed transferred from out of your name! This document needs to be one that can remain in your possession, can clearly be understood, and is able to be legally verified by an attorney, or the county recorders office.

At Luxe Royale, we believe that providing complete transparency in our services, and allowing for step by step verification, makes for an open-book relationship and a smooth, seamless process for every party involved. Unfortunately, dishonest companies have made verbal promises worthless in this industry. Please always verify what you are told, and remember to NEVER pay any fees upfront.

Be Informed

Unfortunately, there is virtually no after-market for timeshares and finding a buyer can be next to impossible. This is where what we call the "False Hopes Scam" comes in. To protect yourself against such companies and scams, always keep these few things in mind:

1. Never pay any fees up front: A reputable company will inform you of any fees that may be incurred for their services and will wait until the job is complete to be compensated. After all, your timeshare is considered to be a piece of real estate. Did you pay your realtor before you closed on your personal family home? Of course not! You shouldn't do so with Timeshares either!

2. Don't listen to extravagant promises: It is highly unlikely that anyone who contacts you out of the blue indicating that they may have a buyer lined to purchase your timeshare really doesn't. If they claim that they do, refer them to Ebay - where timeshares can't even sell for $1. Then report the company to your local secretary of state. Also, no matter what, NEVER pay any money up front!

3. Check out the company and the prospective agent: If the company claims to be a real estate agency, make sure that the agency's real address, phone number, and the agent license number are the same as what you were told. Then verify again with another source just to be sure!

4. Check with your resort: Find out whether you're allowed to sell your Timeshare in the first place and if they've worked with this specific company or agent before. Look for complaints filed against them with government consumer protection agencies, Ripoff Report, and the Better Business Bureau.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that other companies don't have the same resources, industry knowledge, or experience that we do. Additionally, we understand that due to high marketing and overhead costs, these companies are charging individuals upwards near $10,000 to liquidate their timeshares. In order to provide a better solution for our clients, Luxe Royale is now offering its services to individual timeshare owners worldwide for a fee that's affordable! To get answers to all your questions, click the Get Answers button below.


Hotels & Resorts


Traveling? Check Out These Places

North America

North America contains some of the most famous and recognizable places in the world. Experience the hustle and bustle of Times Square in New York City or see the bright lights of fabulous Las Vegas. From the historic grandeur of Washington, DC to the palm trees of Southern California, this continent offers a wide range of destinations for any type of traveler.


South America

Andean peaks, Amazonian rainforest, Patagonian glaciers, Incan ruins, colonial towns, white-sand beaches and vertiginous nightlife: the wonders of South America set the stage for incredible adventures. South America is home to an astounding variety of living and ancient cultures, and experiencing it all first-hand is as easy as just showing up.



Europe offers a wide variety of places to explore that are immersed in history and culture. Medieval castles, snow-capped mountains, and picturesque landscapes complement some of the most iconic cities in the world. The cultures and traditions are as varied as the languages, but European hospitality embraces visitors from all parts of the world.



There's something special about Africa that just touches the soul. The continent ranges across 54 immensely diverse countries that are both deeply troubled and profoundly uplifted spiritually. The canvas upon which the continent's epic story is written is in itself historically incredible. Whether you're a first-time explorer or a frequent visitor, Africa will not fail to leave you with unimaginable memories that will be forever cherished.



From ancient farming villages in India to the futuristic cityscape of Tokyo, Asia provides such variety and contrast that it would take many lifetimes to even start to scratch the surface. With an exciting buzz surrounding its cities, Asia easily challenges the biggest European and American cities for their status as global hubs, Asia offers a cultural experience unlike any.



This vast country is affluent, multicultural and laced with natural splendor. Most Australians live along the coast, and most of these folks work in the surrounding cities, 89% of Australians in fact. It probably helps that the cities here are a ton of fun to just be in. Sydney is a glamorous collision of beaches, boutiques, and bars. Melbourne is all arts, alleyways, and Aussie rules football. Cultural and courteous, Australia is definitely a place worth visiting!


Island Escapes

It's no surprise to see why tropical islands have become synonymous with paradise. Just look at all the sugary white sandy beaches, Technicolor coral reefs, and volcanoes beckoning for adventurous spirits. Luxe Royale can help place you in Hawaii, the Caribbean, Fiji, Mauritius, and many more exclusive destinations worldwide to make for an incredibly relaxing vacation in paradise, accompanied by tropical luxury and stupendous extravagance.


Cars, Flights & Cruises


How Are You Getting There?


Tired of spending hours searching hundreds of different web-sites for the cheapest fares? Now you don't have to. Luxe Royale searches over 32 direct airlines, including all major airlines and fare wholesalers to locate the cheapest, best possible fares and flight times available, to make booking your trip a breeze.


Rental Cars

Our exclusive contracts with car rental companies enable us to provide direct pricing on a wide array of car rentals. In many cases, our prices cannot be published to the general public, but as a Luxe Royale member, you will receive complete direct access to these special rates.


Traditional Cruises

Enjoy the excitement of cruising to exotic destinations all over the world. As a Luxe Royale member, you receive deeply discounted rates, alongside a wide variety of onboard benefits. Reserve your cruise using our direct booking engine, or speak with a live reservation specialist to ensure every detail relating to your trip is captured. Luxe Royale is here to make booking travel a breeze!


River Cruises

European river cruising has been drastically booming in the last decade, and cruise lines are expanding their destinations to more exotic and interesting parts of the globe every year. No matter your taste, we can help you find the perfect river cruise adventure that suits your needs.



With spectacular sailing destinations spread across the globe, Luxe Royale offers private yacht charters and private sailboat rentals. If you enjoy being catered to while on the water, arrange for an unforgettable sailing vacation. Where the sun shines, the winds blow and the living is easy, so set sail.


Private Yachts

As a member of Luxe Royale, you have access to the most extravagant Yachts in the industry. These amazing trips offer inspiring destinations, beautifully crafted itineraries, expert tour guides, luxurious ships, fine cuisine, and excellent service; all at a remarkable value.


Private Jets




Doing Anything Fun?

Activities and Excursions

Luxe Royale membership doesn't stop with just your accommodations. Once you've booked your vacation, be sure to check out the Activities and Excursions page. Looking to go on a diving adventure in the Caribbean or Skiing in Colorado? As a Luxe Royale member, there are thousands of options right there at your fingertips. With all the endless possibilities, you can truly enjoy each vacation like no other!

Dining Discounts

Luxe Royale membership includes discounts at up to 80% savings at some of the finest restaurants across the globe. We love restaurants as much as you do. Whether you're in your own hometown or traveling, whether you're browsing for a quick bite or planning a big night, Luxe Royale will help you discover the perfect dining experience while also saving you money.

Shopping Discounts

Luxe Royale membership includes exclusive saving at up to 80% off of general public pricing at over 250,000 merchants worldwide, including some of the finest retailers and stores across the globe. It's never been easier to shop online and be awarded for it. Luxe Royale will allow you to earn loyalty reward points on everyday purchase, as well as on all your travel. Now that's a benefit that always gives back!

Recreational Discounts

Luxe Royale membership entitles you and your family to many special offers, substantial savings on special events, theme parks, movies and much more. Cheer on your favorite team in person with football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, and racing tickets, or enjoy a nice concert with some old friends. Luxe Royale makes getting tickets quick, easy, and convenient.

Golf Tee Times

Reserve a tee time at the most exclusive golf courses throughout the world with your Luxe Royale membership. With over 100,000 tee times at more than 6,000 quality courses and resorts across the US, Canada, Bermuda, Mexico, Ireland and Scotland, booking a tee time has never been easier! Go on out there and work on that handicap.

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