How Can I Triple or Quadruple Dip Points?

Your membership supports the addition of any Airline, Hotel, and Car Rental Rewards Program for your convenience.  We’ve made it simple, jus log into you account, click my account, and add all your loyalty programs, and that’s it.  Every time you book any services that tie into your loyalty program, you will earn your points in addition to your Luxe points, now that’s triple dipping.

For Luxeuadruple dipping, simply use your A Rewards Credit and/or Debit Card for your purchases.  In addition to your Credit Card Rewards Point,  you will also earn Airline Miles, Hotel Reward Points, Car Rental Points and Luxe Points for all your purchases.

I Lost My Password, Help?

For lost or forgotten password, please visit the login page of your membership and click on “Forgot Password” and a temporary password will be sent to you immediately or you can email us directly at info@luxeroyale.com

I Have A Billing Question

You may contact member services at 1.702.487.5893 or you can email us at info@luxeroyale.com

What Are Your Office Hours?

Travel Concierge Service is available 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. (Pacific Standard Time)

What is Luxe Royale?

We are a private travel club offering an ‘alternative’ to the travel industry that has been so popular now for decades. Our service is a more “modern” way to provide consumers the savings they desire, while simultaneously keeping the Membership/Subscription price much more attainable. Hence, the “Next Generation” in vacation membership. Join us and start saving today.

What Travel Specials Are Available To Me?

Luxe Royale wants to save you money. In addition to the discount travel and entertainment benefits listed in your vacation plan, you also have access to the following member only travel specials: Bonus Weeks, Special Weeks, Concierge Picks, Air Condo Combos, and Online Travel Specials. All of these specials are updated weekly on our website. Visit www.LuxeRoyale.com often to take advantage of the latest travel deals or call your Travel Concierge.

How Quickly Can I Use My Membership?

Your membership will become active within 1 business day.  An email confirmation will be sent out to you with your login information within 24 hours

Who Can Use The Membership?

As with all private membership clubs, only the registered member can use the membership.  However, as member you have the ability to book trips for your immediate family members.

Does Luxe Royale Guarantee Its Product?

Yes. All customer are provided with a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee for five (5) days from the original purchase. This is to provide you enough time to review what we have to offer to ensure their satisfaction. After five (5) days there are NO refunds.

How Is My Membership Renewed?

You will be emailed a renewal notice each year prior to the anniversary month when your membership began. For example, if your enrollment anniversary month is in June, you will receive an email notice and call one month prior in May.

Can I Give One Of My Weeks As A Gift?

Absolutely.  You may offer your vacation condominium weeks to friends and family or donate to your favorite charity. Inform us of the guest name, along with your member ID number so we may reference your account. If you change the name on a reservation after it has been confirmed, there will be a $49 name change fee; additionally the terms and conditions of the host resort must be followed at all times.

May I Bring Guest With Me?

You may invite guests to travel with you as long as they adhere to the terms and conditions of the host resort. The number of people in your party cannot exceed the maximun occupancy for the confirmed vacation condominium.  For example, A 1 Bedroom condo sleeps apx 4 adults, a 2 Bedroom condo sleeps apx 6-8 adults, and a 3 Bedroom condo can sleep up to 12.

How Do I Find Out What Resorts Are Available?

You may visit us at www.LuxeRoyale.com , login to your membership, and click through the Accommodations tab for an example of what type of resorts we offer.

What Types of Resorts Are Available With Luxe Royale?

Just about any vacation you can imagine is available. Typical properties within the Luxe Royale Registry are beautiful, 3, 4 and 5 star resorts and even private executive homes are available. High-end resorts with gorgeous bedrooms, big living rooms, full kitchens, and spacious balconies overlooking the ocean. Resorts that face world class golf courses, or breathtaking views of the mountains

How Can I Check How Many Luxe Points I Have?

At the top of the screen, after you have logged in to www.LuxeRoyale.com , the number of Luxe Points you have accumulated will be displayed.  Remember Luxe Points are awarded within 45 days of a completed stay or purchase.

Do Luxe Points expire?

Your Luxe Points will expire if there has been no activity on your account for 24 months, or if your membership expires.

Is there a maximum number of Luxe Points that I can earn?

There are no restrictions on Luxe Points earning.

What about my other frequent traveler rewards? Can I still earn on airlines, hotels and with the credit cards I use?

Yes! You can keep earning your rewards from other venues, AND earn Luxe Points on qualifying purchases.  Think of it as ‘double’ , ‘triple’ or even ‘quadruple dipping’!

Are there any types of purchases that are not eligible to earn Luxe Points?

Airfare purchase is not eligible for Luxe Points earning. Some occasional good and services, as specified by Luxe Royale from time to time, may not be eligible.

When can I use Luxe Points that I have earned?

You can spend any earned Luxe Points as soon as you have the amount needed for the Reward you desire.  Check the site to see the number of Luxe Points needed for various Rewards. You must be actively enrolled to redeem Luxe Points.

When will I be awarded the Luxe Points I have earned?

Earned Luxe Points will appear in your Account within 45 days of completion of travel or payment and receipt of merchandise, net cost, excluding taxes and fees.


How Do I Earn Luxe Points?

Simply make a purchase on www.LuxeRoyale.com to earn Luxe Points.  You will earn Luxe Points for the full value of any purchase that you make, excluding taxes and fees and excluding airfare purchases.  You can also earn Luxe Points when you make purchases on the site for your friends, family and coworkers.

Keep checking the site to view Current Promotions and Flash Sales for additional Luxe Points earning

What Is Luxe Points?

Luxe Points is a Loyalty Rewards Program for people who love to travel. Luxe Points are reward points – just like cash- that you can spend on a variety of redemption offers. When you make purchases on www.LuxeRoyale.com you will earn Luxe Points (Reward Points) that can be used for a variety of redemption options.