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Currently, travel pricing is transparent and consumers can easily shop online. For this reason, established brands rely on their loyalty programs to lock in members and drive repeat business.

The most successful programs understand that the key to long-term member loyalty is to provide value for members when both earning and redeeming rewards. Luxe Royale decided to take this concept and make even better! By offering Luxe Royale to clients and members, Luxe Royale can now deliver value to our client’s program members as well by providing a comprehensive loyalty Luxe Royale Earning and Redemption solution that acts as a secondary form of currency which can be used. Luxe Royale can be earned through Loyalty rewards with purchases made within every module on the Luxe Royale TravelSphere, while also allowing for members to sell, exchange, gift, donate, share, and redeem Luxe Royale for any travel services and merchandise with anyone, at anytime anywhere in the world, as long as they are enrolled as part of the TravelSphere ecosystem.

The Luxe Royale TravelSphere supports both the redemption of core rewards as well as alternative rewards. Core rewards refers to the client’s core product deployed with the TravelSphere ecosystem, such as flight awards for frequent flyer miles or hotel stays for hotel points for Private Labeled hotel/resort clients. Alternative rewards allow members to redeem for hotel and car rewards with frequent flyer miles, or for flight rewards paid for with hotel points. The redemption experience can be completely tailored to the loyalty programs’ needs. Frequent flyer programs, for example, can use Luxe Royale to allow redemption for any airline in their alliance. Further enhancing the user experience is our ability to support Leisure Coin redemptions made with a combination of Luxe Royale and cash, so our clients can engage with any program module, regardless of their Luxe Royale balance. Luxe Royale assists loyalty program managers in understanding the value of knowing their members and providing the right rewards based programs to assess member behavioral patterns and segmentation.


Luxe Royale provides a comprehensive Luxe Royale loyalty program, with redemption solutions that allow loyalty program members to seamlessly redeem their Coins for any travel service and merchandise purchases anywhere, anytime on the Travelsphere Shopping Hub.


  • Travel Awards - Any loyalty program can allow for Luxe Royale to be earned and redeemed for any products available within the TravelSphere ecosystem.
  • Core Awards - Core awards refer to the client’s core product, such as flight awards for frequent flyer miles or hotel rewards for hotel stays, or merchandise offered directly by the business. The redemption experience can be completely tailored to the loyalty programs’ needs.
  • Alternate Awards - Alternate awards allow members to redeem for hotel and car rewards with the partner accompanied frequent flyer miles, or for flights paid for with Luxe Royale earned from Hotel stays, ect... The redemption experience can be completely tailored to the loyalty programs’ needs.
  • Partner Awards - Airline partners have the ability to let their members redeem their miles for any of their alliance partners. Conversion rates and rules can be customized per partner.
  • Fixed Coins Award Redemption - Luxe Royale offers traditional fixed mileage awards where the ticket price is a set mileage amount. We also provide customers with real-time access to seat availability using familiar online booking tools, with real-time upgrade options.
  • Dynamic Coin Award Redemption - Offer customers ultimate value for their miles using Luxe Royale Market-Priced-Coins (MPC). Market-Priced-Coins utilize SHA-256 Algorithms to calculate Coin requirements dynamically based on the cash price of purchases.
  • Segmentation - Segmentation rules allow programs to differentiate Luxe Royale-to-cash ratios, visuals, messaging, and inventory by member tier. Clients can target very specific or very broad member bases using predefined segmentation keys and metrics, allowing for corporate segmentation strategies to be seamlessly implemented on the TravelSphere Ecosystem.
  • Luxe Royale + Cash - Luxe Royale offers the ability to adjust the combination of Luxe Royale and cash members spend when redeeming points. Our user interface includes a “slider” or radio buttons which can easily be added to any website to allow for a single Coin + cash transaction at the point of sale. These provide flexible payment options for members with a high-Luxe Royale-balance, while also engaging low-Leisure coin-balance members, who otherwise would not be able to redeem higher-priced rewards.
  • Member Rewards - Luxe Royale offers Luxe Royale integrations to all clients. Doing this provides loyalty program members with the ability to earn Luxe Royale digital currency for any cash that is spent on their private labeled platforms. Our sophisticated ecosystem of travel tools and resources allows clients to set different earn rates per each component or module. Earning Luxe Royale encourages members to book through a site that offers the flexibility to earn a secondary source of currency that can be used for real, site-wide purchases rather than through a site that doesn’t offer this benefit.
  • Partner Offers - Client tools allow clients with the ability to easily promote properties via landing pages, destination pages, package pages, and themed promotional landing pages.


Resort Development companies around the globe turn to Luxe Royale’ white label solutions to power their customer loyalty and travel redemption experiences to offset and losses and be on par with the best OTAs.


Using the Luxe Royale TravelSphere, companies can launch complete online travel agencies for with Luxe Royale secondary currency redemptions. Leveraging our international OTA features, members are positioned to redeem their Luxe Royale for access to major GDSs, over 276,000 hotels, global rental car coverage, premium and promotional products, and much more.

  • LEISURE COINDS REDEMPTION – Client loyalty programs can offer members an OTAcomparable booking experience complete with standalone travel products and dynamically packaged vacation offers. All Leisure Coin values, inventory and messaging can be segmented by program member tier, allowing clients to tailor the experience for each one.
  • Luxe Royale + CASH TRAVEL - Further enhancing the loyalty travel redemption user experience by supporting purchases made with a combination of points and cash. Clients can engage with any program supplier regardless of Luxe Royale balance by allowing members to top off their Luxe Royale Purchase balances with cash at the point of sale with a single transaction. This option provides program members with the option to pay for travel with cash, Luxe Royale, or any combination of both.

Your Company Is Your Most Valuable Asset

Luxe Benefits Plus was developed as a simple approach to improving workforce performance, health improvement, and customer acquisitions, yielding powerful second- and third-order profitability and cost mitigation effects for businesses. Through the innovative minds and foreseeing vison of the Luxe Corporate Team, Luxe Benefits Plus is proud to have built the most exclusive loyalty and benefits management program available in today’s market.

Now more than ever, businesses depend on individual employee productivity. Given the ever-evolving business landscape, companies have increasingly began turning to employee wellness and loyalty programs as a proven method to optimize workforce production, and talent retention – after all, a healthy and happy employee is a more productive employee. Right?

Clients can set coin redemption values, coin distribution values, assign trade and share coins, and even allocate promotional coins on top of any module, product or service offered either by us, or the clients business. Whether it be products offered in our TravelSphere Shopping Hub, or your businesses personal standalone products, Luxe Royale makes Luxe Royale a reality for the entire Travel & Hospitality industry as a whole, where hard asset purchases can now be brought to reality with the use of digital currency, and purchases being accepted and made readily available in real-time!

Contact us today to receive additional information on how the Luxe Benefits Plus program implementation process can be seamlessly integrated into your business. Improve your company’s employee satisfaction, sparks creativity, and prevent workday burnout, all while increasing your company’s bottom line.

Are you ready to bring happiness to your business?


Our Company Mission

Our sole mission in establishing Luxe Benefits Plus was to provide companies with a customized employee benefits and customer loyalty programs that they never knew they needed.


The Luxe Benefits Plus Philosophy

At Luxe Benefits Plus we believe that your employees are your biggest asset and that your customers are the backbone of your company! We make sure that both are taken care of!


The Luxe Benefits Plus Promise

Our promise is to provide our clients with an amazing program specifically geared towards making travel more affordable for your employees and providing loyalty incentives to your customers.


We Can Deliver Savings

The savings are available due to our exclusive electronic network of fine resorts and hospitality travel service providers worldwide. We have established a global connection that joins all of these vacation resources in a dynamic and perpetually updated proprietary system powered by our TravelTech Plus Technology.


  • Technology
  • Industry Relationships
  • Customer Service
  • Transparency

Platform Enhancements

Luxe Benefits Plus on a ongoing basis will continuously work to further enhance the Luxe Benefits Platforms while always striving to exceed the user/platform experience. Our easy to use interface, will be featured daily vacation special, specified company promotions, and preference matching capabilities, and customized mobile application functions to keep your staff and customer base informed on all the latest news, specials, and platform updates while your on the go.

Our Reputation

Luxe Benefits Plus is proud to have formed strategic alliances with multiple partners that assist in providing the most high-end, cutting-edge technological functions and platform saving capabilities to our clients. The Company quickly earned a reputation for its superior customer service and platform transparency, making Luxe Benefits Plus a company’s most trusted and sought after choice when it comes to their company’s cultural enhancements, establishing credibility and consistency among all active users.











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