Earn 15% Commission for Every Person You Refer to Luxe Royale!

You know Luxe Royale is the leading membership solution for Resort Travel. And we know that personal referrals are the best way to generate new business. So we’ve put together a generous referral program to help get the word out. When you refer someone to Luxe Royale, you’ll get 15% commissions on their account for one full year.


Incentive for Referrals: You can also provide your friends and family with a coupon that gets them “15% Off” our special membership.

How It Works?



  1. $53 – Gold Membership

  2. $75 – Platinum Membership

  3. $105 – Elite Membership

Earn 15% + Your Referral Receives 15% Off


Referral Program FALuxe

Luxe: How do i sign up?

A:  Simply click sign up, enter your email address in the pop up window and you will receive a confirmation in a few minutes.

Sign Up

Luxe: Where can I get the links and track my referrals?

A:  Once signed up, you can click “Rewards Dashboard” under “My Membership” or refresh this page.  You will find your links to share the discounts via email , Facebook, and Twitter.  Also, you will find a detailed summary of your shared links, purchases, and expected rewards.

Luxe: Where do I enter my PayPal address to receive my commissions?

A: Go to your rewards dashboard (you’ll have to create an account the first time by entering your email and creating a password). Then you will receive an email from us asking you to confirm your email address. Once confirmed, you’ll be able to log in and set your PayPal address.

Luxe: Someone I referred just signed up for Luxe Royale, why don’t I see them in my rewards dashboard?

A: Remember that the reward is only applied when we bill the customer.  When they’re billed, the reward will be sent for processing. It may take up to 15 days to process a successful referral. Once a reward has been processed you will receive a notification email.


Rewards Dashboard